J Dilla – “The Sickness” f. Nas (prod. Madlib)

April 15, 2016

Oh, what could have been.

For years — years — fans clamored for a collaborative track between J Dilla and Nas, especially when the latter experienced a renaissance period that some feel began with his emotionally sweeping albums Stillmatic in 2001 and God’s Son in 2002.

While it would unfortunately never take place following Jay Dee’s passing, Nas has dropped teasers such as “The Season” and teamed his Mass Appeal imprint with J Dilla’s company PayJay (revived by his estate) to release the long-shelved album The Diary on April 15th. And after previewing it at SXSW, the two finally released their highly-anticipated collaboration, “The Sickness.”

Produced by Madlib (taken from an instrumental off his and Dilla’s JayLib album), it will truly make fans of all three musicians wish that they had collaborated more often, sooner.

Hear it below.

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