Devilrobots x Threezero – Samurai To-Fu

April 27, 2016

First revealed back in September, the new Samurai To-Fu 1:6 figure from Devilrobots and Threezero will be available for pre-order on Thursday (4.28) and is even more impressive than what was shown on the initial flier image. The 15” figure comes with a full array of detailed clothing—Kimono, Scarf, boss Bamboo Hat—and accessories – samurai sword, wakizashi, gun, five exchangeable hands and a Frog companion who brings along his own cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable amphibian hands, after all why should humans errr To-Fu get all the perks. If you’re a To-Fu fan, this unlikely recasting of the cute character as an over-the-top Samurai in hyper-realized 1:6 format should be pretty mind blowing. It’s sure to bring one of those “whaaa…”, “Really !?!?” moments that make collecting so satisfying.

Samurai To-Fu will be available for pre-order on Thursday, April 28th @ 6 PM PDT from Threezero’s webstore for $198.

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