Coarse – Do Not Disturb

March 30, 2016

Coarse will release the Do Not Disturb vinyl set on April 1st. First shown at the NYC Scratches show at myplasticheart last year, the set continues the saga which began with Permanent Guest. At some point, Cat comes along Fish who had been enjoying the easy-life—being towed by poor, put-upon Raccoon. While he struggles—just a bit—with the morality of the situation, he gives into instinct and devours Fish, and in doing so perhaps delivers round-about Justice. For a deeper understanding of the unfolding story, see the official announcement.

Do Not Disturb will be released in two exclusive editions—Endless Shadows and Promised Bliss—from Coarse HKG on the 1st as well as the Delusion retail edition due to drop this Summer. Together the two editions offer a Ying-Yang Duality—Endless Shadows features a cunning black + gold color scheme, while Promised Bliss brings a more reflective white + blue design.

While we’ve seen this figure before in the lead up to the release, these new pictures show off the impressive details and angles of both sculpts. While at first glance, Cat appears alert yet docile, his sunken eye-sockets and stylized skull-shaped bell hint at his savage potential. The naturally splayed fins, ragged bite marks and sharply skeleton vividly depict the now hapless Fish’s demise. As we’ve come to expect from Coarse, the finish on these appears pristine, down to the oh-so-shiny skull bell on Cat’s collar.

Do Not Disturb Endless Shadows and Promised Bliss—each limited to 345 pieces—will be available for pre-order on Friday, April 1st 2016 at 8:59 AM PDT from CoarseHKG for HK$1450 (~ US$187).

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