ThreeZero RoboCop 1.0

February 16, 2016

A figure you can rally behind
Look. You never do a system update right before a big event. That’s what code freeze is for. So what idiot decided to upload the police database into RoboCop’s head right before the unveiling press event? The guilty monkey probably explained it away with a, “It’s not a CODE move. It’s just DATA.” Yup. And content NEVER messes with the system. Like the day our social media maven used the Euro in a tweet and managed to take our site down. We’ve since fixed that. But we’re still not putting that symbol in this copy. Best not to press our luck.

This RoboCop 1.0 figure from the 2014 movie is fully-articulated. 12 1/2 inches tall, he’s 1/6 scale. His helmet features a LED light-up feature. Both his stun gun and machine gun are included, and they can be popped in and out of the built-in holsters in his thighs. If we end up with a cyborg body, we want thighs we can store things in. Like Funyuns. Oh wait. We already have those. nm.

Product Specifications:
- RoboCop 1.0
- Officially-licensed RoboCop (the 2014 remake) merchandise
- From threezero
- Fully-articulated figure
- Helmet has LED light-up feature
- Includes stun gun and machine gun which pop out from built-in holsters in his thighs
- Both guns can be manually extended
- Comes with 3 kinds of interchangeable hands: relaxed, fists, and gun-holding
- Scale: 1/6
- Materials: Painted ABS, PVC, and POM
- Batteries: 3 AG1 button cell batteries (not included)
- Dimensions: 12 1/2″ tall
- Ages 15+
- WARNING – SMALL PARTS – Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

Available now HERE.

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