BlackBook Toy x David Flores x Hellfire Canyon Club – A Fistful of New Clear Deathead S’murks

February 23, 2016

Surprise! David Flores’ Deathead S’murk (7.1”) just made a comeback in a big way. BlackBook Toy released four new editions of the sofubi toy – all cast in clear vinyl with varied paint treatments. Created in conjunction with the Hellfire Canyon Club, the new editions include three with painted teeth: Rose (Copper Teeth), Fang (gold teeth) & Openface (silver teeth). The fourth Diamond Cut edition features a flashy gold, silver and copper design which shows off the clear body nicely with unpainted regions throughout, especially the borders of the stained-glass motif. All four editions are available now from BlackBook Toy with each of the three colored teeth editions being 8640 yen (US$76) and the Diamond Cut edition going for 9720 yen (US$85) .

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