Medicom x Brandalism – Flower Bomber (Banksy-Inspired) Statue

January 1, 2016

Medicom continues to roll out its new Banksy-inspired Brandalism collection of figures and lifestyle items. Up next is the Flower Bomber sculpture—based on one of the artist’s iconic stencil pieces—which stands 360 mm (~14”) and is apparently cast in polystone. So… Inspired by Banksy? While the artist is shrouded in mystery, he does not seem to be involved with this project. There is no indication that this is an authorized piece, in fact the involvement of Full Colour Black—a greeting card group known for its line of cards featuring art “attributed” to Banksy—suggests that despite the Medicom name, this is another in a growing list of unauthorized Bansky pieces. That said, absent any official alternatives, Flower Bomber might be enticing for collectors looking for what appears to be a well-done 3D rendition.

Flower Bomber is available for pre-order (through 1.10.16 @ 7 AM PST) for customers outside of Japan for 48,000 yen (~US$376) over at CJ Mart and for customers in Japan for slightly less at Sync.

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