Fujifilm’s New Flagship X-Pro2 Is the Do-It-All Rig We’ve Been Waiting For

January 19, 2016

It’s been four long years since the original X-Pro1 was introduced, triggering a tsunami of rangefinder influence in the world of digital photography that’s eroded the core of the prosumer DSLR market ever since. The newly unveiled X-Pro2 improves on the strengths of its predecessor as well as more recent home runs in Fujifilm’s lineup like the GP100-award-winning X-T1, offering a mix of performance, size and styling that should inspire libidinous thoughts for a wide range of photographers hunting for a premium digital rangefinder without the red dot tax.

While nearly every element of the camera has been tweaked in some form, key improvements include an upgraded sensor, mechanical shutter with speeds doubled to 1/8,000 second and an improved hybrid viewfinder. Specifically, the new X-Trans CMOS III sensor is the first in the X-Series family to reach the 24MP threshold, which, when paired with its new X Processor Pro image processing engine, is capable of handling continuous phase-detection autofocus at up to 8 fps. The revised Hybrid Multi Viewfinder likewise improves on the original concept introduced with the X100 by automatically adjusting viewfinder magnification settings based on the lens and overlaying electronic VF data on top of the optical view. Physically, the magnesium alloy body follows many of the design cues of its forefather while adding needed weather resistance, a higher resolution screen, dual SD card slots and wi-fi connectivity for easy photo transfers.

The body alone is priced at $1,700 or roughly $400 more than the next best camera in Fujifilm’s lineup and well above entry-level full-frame DSLRs like Canon’s 6D. But expensive is relative given that the likes of Leica’s “entry-level” M Typ 262 sells for more than twice as much. Pre-orders are available now HERE with shipping starting later this month.

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