Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – General Tso’s Nightmare

January 13, 2016

Back in 2013, Frank Kozik started to show work-in-progress pics of a then un-named ‘evil’ Colonel Sanders figure. Fast forward a few years, and General Tso’s Nightmare is due to drop from Kidrobot sometime in February. Sculpted by the 3D dudes at Bigshot Toyworks, the figure features a darkly humorous, reversal-of-fortune portrayal of the KFC founder/spokesperson with two swappable heads: a spectacled skull and in a turn of revenge, an over-the-top rooster head. In addition to the dual heads, General Tso’s nightmare comes with a bucketful of accessories—a drumstick, a mini bucket o’ poison, and what appears to be Mr. Sanders’ foot.

All of this carnivorous mayhem is available for pre-order HERE for just $99. But wait, there’s more… a sexy Black + Gold Chase! And finally, on the subject of General Tso’s chicken, if you haven’t seen the Search for General Tso documentary, I highly recommend it.

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