SomeStrangeThings – ThreeTimesNever Resin

December 9, 2015

Marcos Lorenzo (SomeStrangeThings) has released his first limited-edition resin entirely produced in his Barcelona studio and it’s a winner. Digitally sculpted, the stylish ThreeTimesNever (6.3”) is an alternative punk goth bust with nice touches throughout. Apart from the strong design (love the hair styling), the paint/deco really sets this beauty apart. While they aren’t as sharp as say a pad-printed piece done overseas, they are far beyond what we’re accustomed to seeing deco wise from a hand-done project.

Limited to 250 pieces, the figure is available from pre-order from SomeStrangeThings for 150 Euros (~ US$163) and will start shipping in March of 2016. As might be obvious, we’re really impressed with Marcos’ first piece from design to execution and looking forward to future releases and projects.

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