Patrick Wong’s New “Burner” Fatcap Custom

December 16, 2015

Canadian artist Patrick Wong shares his latest custom toys titled “Burner” in 3″ and 6″. Both of the fiery creations are produced on the Kidrobot Fatcap platform and commissioned by a Canadian collector.

The “Burner” is taken from the graffiti term to describe a well-done and elaborate piece. Using this idea, Wong takes the Fatcap vinyl and illustratively sets it ablaze against a backdrop of a city. Similar to the way the South Bronx burned in the 1970s.

The 6″ version of the “Burner” Fatcap is complemented by an accessory gas can with the character’s name and “danger” written along the side.

Based on an original design by Wong, “Burner” is the fourth 6″ Fatcap produced after creating pieces with themes of freezing, paint mixing, and corrosion.

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