Michael Lau – Stuff More at ToySoul

December 21, 2015

With Stuff More at the 2nd annual Toysoul show in Hong Kong, Michael Lau offers his humorous, irreverent and self-reflective look at Star Wars by channeling the “Figure”. First up are three new vinyl figures – based very loosely on iconic characters: Maxx Sleepwalker (Leia), T3A0 (C-3PO), Darth Figure (Vader). There’s also a fourth extremely-limited (99 pcs) figure S2T1—a colorway of his Soulstuff ToySoul mascot figure inspired by everyone’s favorite droid.

Perhaps fittingly, the star of Michael’s booth is the 1/6th scale Storemfan$umer, a tribute to his passionate collectors who stand in long-lines to buy figure after figure. The fun, tongue-in-cheek collector-as-toy figure comes with “Take Away Bowl” helmet, carton armor, cash pocket bag, water gun, big tote bag and a Queue Rope Stand(!) accessory. Kudos to Michael Lau for doing something ‘different’ with his Star Wars figures – using the movies as a backdrop rather than simply creating stylized versions of the iconic characters.

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