BB-8 Droid 3D Ring

December 23, 2015

Ring in the new
You know what R2-D2 taught us a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away)? That although the universe is big, even the smallest droid can make a difference. It doesn’t matter if it seems like nobody understands you. Or if you feel like you have a huge responsibility on your tiny shoulders. With tenacity and dedication (and the occasional well-deserved bleep), you can do it. We hope BB-8 follows in R2′s footst – um. Treads. Yep. Treads.

This ring celebrates the arrival on the scene (and in our hearts) of BB-8. Go forth and conquer, little droid.

For our customers with nickel allergies: these are made from 316L grade surgical stainless steel. That means their five main components are iron, chromium, nickel (10-14%), molybdenum, and manganese. This is implant-grade steel.

Product Specifications
- BB-8 Droid Molded Ring
- Officially-licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise
- A ThinkGeek exclusive
- Available in whole sizes 6-11
- Band has BB-8′s design etched into it and head sticking out
- Note: The band is WIDE, so remember to size up
- Materials: 316L stainless steel
- Weight: 1/2 – 3/4 oz.
- Ages 12+

Available now HERE.

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