Your Old Droog – “Basketball & Seinfeld”

November 20, 2015


Your Old Droog continues to churn out music with the most enticing song name ever, “Basketball & Seinfeld.”

Over production meant to pay homage to the slapping bass in the Seinfeld theme, Droog stays reminiscing on his younger days of relative innocence, panting an image of days kicking back and watching basketball and Seinfeld, because what better way was there to spend living in the mid-90s? Droog said in the SoundCloud description “this song is stupid,” but damnit, this might be the most brilliant song ever made. If you’re a fan of basketball or Seinfeld, or even better, a fan of both, Droog’s new single has endless references from Chris Kaman to Drake’s coffee cakes to Wayne Knight. This is like the “Netflix & Chill” of 1994.

This will be on repeat the rest of the day. Listen to “Basketball & Seinfeld” below.

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