Street Fighter Ryu Collector’s Statue

November 30, 2015


Where do you stand in the Ryu vs. Ken debate? If you agree that Ryu is not only the better fighter, but is the more dedicated of the two as well, then you are a true Ryu fan that deserves to have a special collector’s edition statue of the great street fighter on your desk or shelf. Whether you’re a fan of Ryu in his classic white gi, Evil Satsui Ryu in blue, or you fancy the special Gray ThinkGeek Edition statue, we’ve got you covered.

10-inch tall statue of Ryu features the iconic fighter, sculpted in full detail with enormous muscles rippling with power as he launches a powerful Hadouken attack. Both the Hadouken burst and the base light up with USB-powered LED lights. Select your player: Classic Ryu, Evil Ryu, or the ThinkGeek-exclusive gray version. Each one is limited-edition, with a hand-numbered base. Or, get all three and set them up for an epic Ryu vs Ryu vs Ryu fight on the street of your choice. HADOUKEN!

Product Specifications:
- Street Fighter Ryu Collector’s Statue
- Officially-licensed Street Fighter collectibles
- Gray version is a ThinkGeek exclusive!
- Light-up Hadouken can be set to constant on, fast pulse, slow pulse, or off
- 4-way spotlights on the base
- USB-powered LED lights (AC to Micro-USB adapter included)
- Edition Size: 1000 (each, Blue and White versions), 500 (ThinkGeek exclusive Gray version)
- Hand-numbered base
- Dimensions: Approximately 10″ tall

Available now HERE.

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