Childish Gambino x Jhené Aiko x Vince Staples – “Waiting For My Moment”

November 22, 2015


With the feature film Creed set to drop in theaters, we get another cut from its stellar soundtrack with “Waiting For My Moment” featuring Childish Gambino, Jhené Aiko and Vince Staples.

The movie’s soundtrack has heard work from Future and Lupe Fiasco thus far, but based on star power alone, this new joint has me the most hyped from the first look. The movie’s score is being curated by Ludwig Goransson, a frequent collaborator of Gambino’s, and he handled the production here.

It takes over a minute to finally kick in, but Aiko and Gambino trade off singing as the triumphant production takes center stage underneath them. As the music cools for a moment, Vince Staples starts his verse of ambition and victory before the drums and bells rise again. Off this alone, I’m ready for this movie, man. I wish there was more of Aiko and Gambino on the tune, because they were BELTING. It sounded so nice.

Anyway, listen to “Waiting For My Moment” below, and feel you can accomplish anything you ever wanted after.

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