The Walking Dead Wolves Pin Set

October 20, 2015


Little pig, little pig, let me in…
In a world where you’re fighting to survive and the basic necessities are complicated to obtain, it seems like a bad idea to self-mutilate. Cutting a W into your forehead with a knife you probably have also used to kill walkers when there ain’t no MinuteClinic around the corner or antibiotic handy? Sure their use of booby traps is clever, but we’re not convinced the Wolves are all there in the head. Guess we’ll find out.

This The Walking Dead Wolves Pin Set comes as a set of 2: a walker with a W cut into his head and the graffiti “Wolves NotFar.” Stickback style, these enamel pins come with rubber stoppers. Pin them to your laptop bag. Put them on your convention lanyard. Use them as tacks on your bulletin board. You could probably even use them as a weapon against walkers, but considering the size of the pinback, that’d take a really, really long time.

Product Specifications :
- The Walking Dead Wolves Pin Set
- Officially-licensed AMC’s The Walking Dead merchandise
- A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
- Set of 2 stickback pins with rubber stoppers
- A walker with a W cut into his head and the graffiti “Wolves NotFar”
- Materials: Enamel-decorated pin with a metal base
- Dimensions: Wolves NotFar – 2″ wide x 1/2″ tall; “W” walker – 1″ wide x 1 3/4″ tall

Available now HERE.

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