Coarse x Amanda Visell – Last Days of Autumn in Vinyl

October 31, 2015

It’s here…! First shown in April of 2014 at the Stoke Art Fair in Munich, the Last Days of Autumn from Amanda Visell and Coarse is about to be released as an uber deluxe 5-figure vinyl art toy set. A true collaboration, Coarse’s Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk brought Amanda’s original drawings and designs to 3D life in the Coarse aesthetic. Finally, Amanda closed the circle by hand-painting the prototypes.

The set tells the story of four naive children (wielding very sharp axes) who come upon a hapless log creature. A dark yet endearing commentary on man and nature, Last Days of Autumn will be offered in two editions: Frenzy (345 pieces) which features a dark brown log with bluish wood and the wintery Shiver (243 pieces) featuring an ice-blue log and frost-faced children. As impressive as this set sounds on paper, it’s doubly so in person. First, it’s all about the log which stands a towering 12” tall which gives it a commanding volume. The log is a breathtaking piece – one of those that make you do a double-take and pinch yourself that it actually exists. Each of the children stands 4.5 – 6” tall and in the interest of perfect display feature embedded magnets in the feet to mate them to clear circular bases made of acrylic. The set is rounded out with fallen leaves and wood segments (which fit back into the log).

Both Last Days of Autumn editions will be available for pre-order from Coarse HKG on Tuesday, November 3rd 2015 at 7:59 PM for HK$2980 (~ US$384). This is on our short list for 2015 Toy of the Year and it just might be Amanda Visell’s best vinyl toy so far.

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