Silver Phantom Speaker by Devialet

September 16, 2015

For the past year, audiophiles and tech enthusiasts have anxiously awaited the arrival of the Phantom—a compact, wireless speaker with a sound that has the power, depth and clarity of a system ten times its size. Conceived and manufactured in France by the audio hardware startup Devialet, this revolutionary device broadcasts music wirelessly from your phone, computer or tablet and produces surround sound without the need of additional components. Capable of achieving remarkable sharpness and range, without any distortion saturation or background noise, the Wifi and Bluetooth-capable speaker is based on a proprietary hybrid of analog and digital technology that delivers the ultimate auditory experience. It’s roughly the size of a basketball, with a look as futuristic as a space capsule, and remains perfectly still even when pumping out the loudest bass notes.

A smart router, Dialog (sold separately) is an ultra-powerful Wifi sharing center that provides additional features, allowing you to place your speaker anywhere in your home without an Ethernet cable. It can also connect all of your devices together, allow you to share playlists with friends and synchronize up to 24 Phantoms. Available now HERE for $329.00.

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