Jeezy – “Pastor Young’s Letter” (Video)

September 16, 2015

Similar to his 2008 album The Recession, where he put some of his trademark trap stylings to the left to touch upon the socio-economical issues plaguing the country at the time, Jeezy seems to be returning back to those ways with his forthcoming (and, at the moment, untitled) album dropping on November 13th. Juding by its first two offerings – the TM88 and Southside-produced “GOD” and the Zaytoven-reared “Pastor Young’s Letter,” his next offering will be a continuation of that.

Which makes sense, given the turbulent times the urban community is once again facing. From Bernard Scott to Sandra Bland, not to mention the countless others whose seemingly senseless murders go unreported, sometimes the only escape the people may have – albeit temporarily – is music. And, like many other musicians, Jeezy appears to be voicing his concerns on wax as well. Say what you want, but you rarely see many high-profile rappers – including some of Jeezy’s own musical contemporaries – doing this today, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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