Iron Man: Play Arts Kai Variant

September 5, 2015

“Textbook narcissism? Agreed.”
Tony Stark doesn’t really seem like the ninja type. Part of his crazy appeal is that he announces his arrival, because heck, why not? After all, he’s a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

But this new figure from Square Enix in the Variant Play Arts Kai line is a new take on Tony’s aesthetic. It still features the red and gold, but this is also much darker. It comes with all sorts of awesome effects, including repulsor beams for his interchangeable hands. And like everything from Play Arts, it’s insanely poseable. So whether you want to do the iconic three-point fist landing pose or have Tony kick back and enjoy a little shawarma, it’s possible with this figure.

Product Specifications :
- Iron Man from the Variant Play Arts Kai line
- Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise
- Comes with thigh micro missiles, boot exhaust, back flaps, and expandable air brakes on the legs
- Plus 4 interchangeable hands (including 2 with palm repulsor beams)
- Includes stand
- Materials: Painted & articulated PVC figure
- Dimensions: 11.8″ tall x 4.3″ wide x 3.9″ deep
- Weight: 11 oz.

Available now HERE.

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