Fools Paradise – Miku Stars #01 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Pre-Order

September 22, 2015

Miku is back! First seen from Alan Ng’s old Boredomsqueezer brand as a 1:6 high fashion figure (2006) and then in a more cartoony resin iteration (2007), Alan is bringing Miku back in several cosplay-themed releases from Fools Paradise. First up is Miku Stars #01 – Rock ‘N’ Roll vinyl figures-a homage to the Fab Four.

Miku looks fantastic in her turn as the legendary musicians. Alan nailed the design and sculpting on these which carry over Miku’s appearance from the previous resin series. Each of the immediately recognizable four figures brings a fun interpretation of the larger-than-life personalities with fun head sculpts and snazzy outfits with just the right amount of detail.

Up until last month, Fools Paradise had released their artful figures almost exclusively in polystone. We’re happy to report that the brand is making the switch to vinyl (for at least some of their releases), with the their new Vinyl Collection which launched with the previously offered Sand K.troop figure (August 2015) and continues with these new Miku drops. The new vinyl editions should prove more durable than the polystone iterations.

The Miku Rock ‘N’ Roll vinyl figures are available for pre-order (thru 10.6) from the Fools Paradise web shop in pairs—Set A: Mennon + Mingo / Set B: Mikuni + Marrison—for $165 each. The complete set of four is also available for $320. Global EMS shipping for any of the sets is $20. These will ship in the 4th Quarter.

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