Le$ – “Rage”

August 20, 2015


Le$ is set to release a tape with DJ Drama by year’s end, and in the mean time, the Louisiana-bred emcee drops the grimy-yet-melodic, “Rage” featuring BlackBear produced by Happy Perez.

The Jet Life emcee reflects on the struggles in life, from losing friends to coping with drugs to escaping death to realizing the harshness of life itself. Le$ reflects: “Screamin’ out fuck the police/ Shit getting wild on them streets, and it feel like they kill a few n*ggas a day/ Hope you don’t catch you a stray/ And if they don’t get ‘em, they put you in the system and lock the spirits away.” This is one of the more enjoyable, bass-heavy, grimey songs I’ve heard in a while, and it’s got great depth and flow to it, stemming straight from its Southern influences.

Check out “Rage” below.



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