Joe Ledbetter – Chaos Bunny Pins + Magnets

August 7, 2015

Joe Ledbetter has just launched a new series of Chaos Bunny lifestyle items available from his online shop. First up are five deluxe enamel pins loaded with special features. The regular Mr. Bunny and Lava feature bobble ears that wobble and move along with the wearer–the effect looks great. Taking a different tack on motion, the Jolly Roger one features jangling crossbones. Finally, GID fans will love the glow eyes on the Space-Out pin. The pins are $12 each or $55 for a set.

Joe’s also released four new sweet Chaos Bunny magnets: Funny Bunny, Calavera Bunny, Bipolar Bunny and Leopard Bunny. The magnets are $8 each or $30 for a full set.

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