Huck Gee – DAME #11

August 5, 2015

With a fun narrative to unfold and his own platform—The Blank—Huck Gee opens a new chapter in his ongoing toy adventures with the release of DAME #11. Described by Huck as a motorized pillbox, The DAME (Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement) looks great. Sweet retropunk mech/tank? Yes, please.

Limited to 10 pieces, DAME #11 is the first of many releases from the cleverly dangerous world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels. The gray DAME stands 11” tall and features a cramped cockpit which the eye-patched pilot (a customized The Blank!) can be squeezed into. If you’d like one of these bad boys, drop Huck a line at—$1800 (+ s/h) per set. More info available HERE.

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