Stone Island Shadow Project Down Vest DPM Grid Jacquard Bleu Marine

July 26, 2015

Down vest in custom made Stone Island DPM design cotton/Nylon jacquard. Garment dyed with double dye recipe. It is fitting that industrial age Jacquard looms are regarded by many as a precursor to modern computer science; the resolution and complexity achievable with today’s machines are an elegant reflection of the digital age. The cotton and nylon yarns of the jacket are garment dyed seperately in two different colours. The results of this dye procedure are spectacularly multi-layered; capturing both high definition contrasts or subtle tonal shading depending on colour combination. Computation rendered in physical wearable form. Filled with down, the vest is designed for insulation further equipped with button fasten interior storm flap, zip placket, elastic drawstring hem, and shaped front bellows pockets. Available now HERE for US$745.

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