Jidenna – “Classic Man (Remix)” f. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

July 19, 2015

I’ve been championing “Classic Man” by Jidenna ever since it dropped in March 2015. To me, it made perfect sense: it’s clearly a pop-oriented song, not unlike any DJ Mustard production, but rather than having a song full of meaningless lyrical content and a video full of half-naked greased up “models” he essentially scripted a song about having class and dropped a set of visuals showcasing that sense of pride. I figure this: if “Fancy,” and all of its cultural appropriating malarkey, can get a questionably (at best) talented Aussie a Grammy nod, what’s to say that a song that basically showcases Black esteem by an actual, multi-talented individual can’t have the same success?

Oh, wait… I already know that answer.

Anyways, Kendrick joined Jidenna on the song’s remix, and today the single gets an accompanying visual treatment which can be seen above.

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