A New Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed, now in Titanium

July 12, 2015

“The monochrome look of the SpidoSpeed Titanium is an iconic LW design. Whilst we will continue to evolve and be innovative, in my universe Linde Werdelin will always have a watch like this – it truly captures the spirit of the brand.” — Co-founder and creative mind Morten Linde

I couldn’t agree more. Titanium is metal used regularly by Linde Werdelin, and it’s probably my favorite when looking at the brand’s range of adventure-inspired timepieces (I “adventured” with a titanium Linde Werdlin in the steeps and narrows of Zion, UT a couple summers ago, matter of fact). A “performance” metal know for its lightweight yet durable properties, titanium goes well with the overall ethos and aesthetic that is Linde Werdelin. You’ll find titanium case choices in several of LW’s SpidoLite models (the time-only / less pricey brother to the SpidoSpeed), but until now it was not an option for SpidoSpeed fans. The SpidoSpeed is a great — and technical looking — 3-register chronograph and it looks just great in titanium with skeletonized dial and blue accents.

Working with Chronode SA, Linde Werdelin has put a lot of thought into its case design. Cases have evolved over the years but typically always use a variety of finishings and of course the stripped down/skeletonized look we’ve come to expect from the brand. The top surface of the bezel has been brushed and polished to get the best possible light reflection, which contrasts with the subtle satin sheen and the matte microbillé.

For LW enthusiasts who also use the brand’s “Rock” (for alpine) and/or “Reef” (for marine/diving activities) attachments, this latest SpidoSpeed has a red charge indicator on the 6 o’clock sub-dial which indicates when the digital instrument is fully charged and ready to go again. I’m not exactly sure how this works (it was mentioned in the release, but not in great detail), nor convinced how much “value-add” there is in such functionality, but it’s there.

Overall a very nice and welcome addition to the SpidoSpeed family, the SpidoSpeed Titanium comes in a limited and numbered series of 99 pieces worldwide, at CHF 18,000, excluding VAT. This new piece is available for purchase now anywhere.

words by Kyle Stults

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