Prints On Wood x Luke Chueh presents the 10 Year Anniversary Print of “Soundtrack (To My Life)”

June 29, 2015

Available now via is the 10th Anniversary print of Luke Chueh’s “Soundtrack (To My Life)”. Limited to 150 signed and numbered prints, priced at US$250 each (Fine art wood print on 3/4″ sustainable Birch, bright white finish).

“To make this release special, I’m creating scaled up version of the image. Originally created to be 12″ x 12″, my intentions for this image were for it to be used on my friend LC’s mix disc. Album art is often scaled up and down for poster and music formats, so I scanned the artwork with the intention of it to be reproduced at a larger size. This print features the artwork scaled up 150% (18″ x 18″).” – Luke Chueh.

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