MPC 2000XL Inspired Resin Art Toy by Patrick Wong

June 28, 2015

Artist Patrick Wong is back with his latest installment of his Beats Series of sampler-inspired 3″ resin collectibles titled “MPC 2000XL” after the classic sampling drum machine of the same name.

Part 4 highlights the MPC 2000XL used by many notable producers since it’s release in 2000 as an upgrade from the budget and lackluster MPC 2000. From Pete Rock to Psycho Les to bedroom beatsmiths worldwide, the MPC 2KXL was a standard in sampling drum machines and continues to be used today.

Comes sealed in shrink film with a numbered card, packaged as others in the series with a kraft gift box, and comes with one of two distinct toy break records. The blue version comes with the the self-titled LP The Skull Snaps and the beige version comes with the Bob James Two as a toy accessory.”

Priced at US$35 each, this 3″ tall resin collectible can be pre-ordered HERE through July 12th, 2015.

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