Han Solo Fridge

June 4, 2015

Bringing new meaning to “frozen” in carbonite

When Princess Leia disguised herself as Boushh in order to crack open a frosty one, she wasn’t looking for a drink. Her tall, cold one that day happened to be none other than Han Solo himself. However, in your universe it’s probably more practical to opt for a standard refrigerator than a carbon freezing chamber (tibanna gas supplies being what they are today).

The Han Solo Fridge really is big: it can hold up to 18 cans of soda. It’s also one of those neato fridges that cools or heats its contents (depending on which temperature you need). And though the Han Solo Fridge be mighty, it’s still made to travel. It’s even got a handle on top for grabbing, which, let us tell you, is more convenient than carrying a huge block of flippin’ carbonite. Whether it’s blue milk or leftover bantha burgers, the Han Solo Fridge is ready for all your late-night bounty hunting. And by “bounty” we mean “snack.”

Product Specifications :
- Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge
- Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
- Has a warm and a cool setting for keeping food either warm or cold
- Rubber feet to protect surface
- Red LED lighting on front (switch on back in case you don’t want it)
- 2 removable shelves
- Top handle for portability
- Locking door to prevent spillage (push the second instrument panel in to release)
- Capacity: 18 cans of soda (with shelves removed)
- Includes fridge, removable shelf, 110V US AC power cord (for use in home), 12V DC power cord (for use in landspeeder car)
- Cooling Capability: approx. 32-44°F
- Heating Capability: approx. 131-149°F
- Outer Dimensions: approx. 19″ tall x 10.75″ x 10.75″
- Inner Dimensions: approx. 16″ tall x 8″ wide x 6″
- Weight (empty): 9.75 lbs.

Available now HERE.

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