Bike Check 1 2 : Vivalo

June 29, 2015


Frame / Size / Year:
Vivalo 51.5cm

Handlebars / Stem:
Nashbar Bullhorns and Salsa SUL 90mm Stem

Fork / Headset:
Vivalo and Hatta

Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
650c Specialized Tri-spoke

Rear Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
Deep V laced to Formula Hubs

Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Sugino 75 165mm/Sugino 75

Saddle / Seat Post:
Tioga Spyder and Thomson Elite

Pedals / Chain:
MKS Sylvan with Toshi Doubles and HKK Vertex Chain

Gearing / Chainring / Misc.:
17 Euro Asia Imports Super Star/47 Sugino Zen

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