A Good Look At Diddy’s Custom Nike Air Yeezy 2

June 19, 2015

Back in February Diddy was seen rocking this exact custom of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 during the NBA All-Star Weekend, though he did wear it throughout the night, we were never really given a good look at what this custom actually looked like. That is, until now. Let’s take a good look at this Nike Air Yeezy 2 created by Relevant Customs

Relevant Customs shared with us a couple of detailed images of the shoe. The revamped Nike Air Yeezy 2 comes in a black tonal upper that happens to have an array of materials and textures, featuring ostrich, stingray, lizard as well as python skin all over the upper. If you thought the Yeezy 2 was good as is, perhaps this version will have you changing your mind. What do you think? Is this version better than the original colorway?

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