The New Hublot Big Bang Ferrari White Ceramic Carbon Watch

May 31, 2015

A limited edition of 500 pieces, this 2015 release in Hublot’s Big Bang Ferrari series comes in a microblasted white ceramic case and carbon fiber bezel. The case is fitted to a Schedoni leather strap (Schedoni is the official luggage supplier to Ferrari); inside is a Hublot manufacture caliber, the UNICO 1241. The specific type of ceramic used by Hublot is “zirconium oxide” ceramic, a man-made material that can be produced in a handful of colors and tones (most commonly, black and white). This type of ceramic is not proprietary to Hublot (Chanel uses the same type, I believe), but zirconium-oxide ceramic is a good choice for fine watchmaking given its high resistance to crack propagation. It all comes together in a great looking piece here by Hublot.

words by Kyle Stults

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