Nintendo Gaming Cartridge Flasks

May 30, 2015

Go home, Nintendo – you’re drunk

Ah, the good, old days of the NES. Somehow every kid knew you could blow on a recalcitrant NES cartridge to make it work, even though Nintendo explicitly told you not to. Your buddy would have tried like a half a dozen times, and then you’d step in and get the cartridge to work on your very first go. Maybe you had the magic touch or just more conductive saliva. Who knows? We know that whether or not it was a good idea, it worked, dang it, and for a kid who has a need to rescue a princess NOW, that’s all that mattered.

Instead of blowing on this cartridge, you’re going to suck on it. That’s because it’s secretly a flask! With a rubber stopper to keep things in place, these flasks look just like NES cartridges and each hold 6 oz. of your favorite beverage (not included). Choose Drunk Hunt or The Legend of Drink; Fine Ale Fantasy coming soon.

Product Specifications :
- Flasks that look like old-school NES cartridges
- Choose Drunk Hunt or The Legend of Drink
- Fine Ale Fantasy coming soon
- Capacity: 6 oz.
- Materials: BPA-free food-grade ABS polymer, label is made from high-strength vinyl so some contact with liquids is fine
- Dimensions: 4 3/4″ wide x 5 1/4″ tall x 3/4″ deep
- Weight: 4 oz.
- Not dishwasher safe

Available now HERE.

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