Mick Jenkins – “P’s and Q’s” (Video)

May 31, 2015

At the beginning of April, Mick Jenkins released the first single, “Alchemy,” off his then newly announced Wave[s], the follow-up to his record-label-debut, The Water[s]. Jenkins stayed persistent with the common theme of water by calling out critics for him using water as a metaphor so much but also stuck to his guns and continued sharing the importance of it. Today, we get the second single off Wave[s] called “P’s and Q’s.”

The single has Jenkins giving a lesson in Lyrical Onslaught 101 while on his “p’s and q’s,” using mainly words that begin with “p” and “q” while stunting talking about how much higher above his competition he is. “Quantum leaps ahead of my peers, they not even in my peripheral. Pray I keep it proper, ’cause they play so political. The petty is so pitiful. Niggas be the (??), I’m of a higher pedigree. I’m pedaling this penmanship, appreciate the pleasantries.” And while there was little mention of water, the video has a war of water balloons and water guns going on while Jenkins walks down the middle of it.

Watch the video for the single, which is produced by Kaytranada, above.

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