HAPPY TOBY TO YOU! Gary Baseman celebrates 10 years of Toby in Hong Kong

May 11, 2015

HAPPY TOBY TO YOU! by Gary Baseman is a grand celebration of the artist’s iconic character Toby. 2015 marks Toby’s 10th year as a formal artwork, blurring the lines of fine art and toy culture.

Showcasing works from the first Toby art exhibition, photographs and videos of Toby’s adventurous world travels, and a new birthday party installation, this exhibition aims to spread wonder and happiness. Housed in yet another experiential environment conceptualized by Baseman, visitors will enjoy a new and unique space co-designed by Hjalti Karlsson of New York-based design firm karlssonwilker.

Co-produced with LeBasse Projects and Hong Kong Times Square, the HAPPY TOBY TO YOU! exhibition will run May 21-June 11 at Hong Kong Times Square Living Room Museum.

More details HERE.

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