Threezero Announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1/6 – Leonardo & Michelangelo

April 8, 2015

Here’s an “advanced first look” at the TMNT figures by Threezero – featuring the “heroes in a half shell” based on their appearance in the recent Michael Bay-produced feature film, and in articulated 1/6th-scale too. Regardless of how you feel about this celluloid reboot, the images for the product looks absolutely amazing! Here are more text and another couple of product pictures to gawk at:

“Threezero announces a collectible figure line based on the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, released last August. The line features 1/6th scale, fully-articulated and highly detailed, Leonardo and Michelangelo figures. Pre-order for these figures will begin on Thursday, April 9th 09:00am HKT (Previous day at 9:00pm EDT) at Threezero’s online store). Wholesale pre-orders can be placed on the same day with Threezero directly.

These figures will also be available at a later date via select retailers. The suggested retail price for each figure is $230. Threezerostore will have an exclusive special offer of $380 for both figures.”

The Leonardo and Michelangelo collectible figures come in 1/6th scale and are designed after the characters’ on-screen appearance. Great attention to detail has been applied in the construction of their garbs and accessories to replicate proper 1/6th scale counterparts as seen in the film. The Leonardo figure, standing approximately 13” tall, comes with an extra pair of hands, katanas, and belt with scabbards for his weapons. The Michelangelo figure, standing approximately 12” tall, comes with an extra pair of hands, nunchiku, a belt with holsters for his weapons, and a skateboard.” – threezero

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