Wade Schin x We Love Fine – Soundwave Vinyl

March 17, 2015

We Love Fine has brought sculptor Wade Schin’s vision of Soundwave (7.5 x 5”) to life as an officially licensed production vinyl figure. We dig Wade’s boxy design which focuses on the Decepticon’s cassette player identity and form, with limbs that blend into the overall shape. This is not a robot doubling as a cassette player, but rather the reverse. The exaggerated sense of scale, particularly the control buttons, works well here by adding a playful edge and setting the figure apart from the numerous takes on the popular character.

Soundwave is available for pre-order now from WeLoveFine.com for a rather reasonable $40 (+ s/h). If you’d like, you can add Wade Schin’s Solo book, featuring an overview of his work, for $7. There will also be an Emerald Comic-Con exclusive (3.27 – 3.29) edition with a special convention themed Super Mix Tape accessory.

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