The adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Cuts It Out, Literally

March 27, 2015

Let’s keep it real, Jeremy Scott’s style is like no other in the sneaker industry. He isn’t afraid to go left when everyone is going right. During a time where everyone tries to distinguish themselves from the pack, Jeremy Scott is a good source to use if you’re looking to go against the grain. One of his most coveted adidas sneakers happens to be the adidas JS Wings 2.0. Coming equipped with actual wings found in the back side of the upper, the adidas JS Wings 2.0 definitely has a look of its own.

This version of the adidas JS Wings 2.0 tries to distinguish itself even more from the models before it, it does so by implementing cutout and clear panels throughout the upper and wings of the shoe. Previously seen in the white colorway, the cutout and clear panels will now be seen on a black upper. Leather dons the upper while the clear TPU panels is used to offset the shoe. The 3 stripes on the side panels are represented as three of the many cutouts found in the upper. The wings themselves are also cut out, while the toe box comes equipped with a clear panel to distinguish the look even more. Jeremy Scott and adidas hits are located on the midsole, outsole and tongue of the shoe. For a retail price of $220, you’re able to rock a pair of these adidas JS Wings 2.0. Let us know if JS is your style, or if you prefer to rock something more low key.

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