Star Wars Lawn Ornament

December 3, 2014

Remember the fallen

The planet we know as Hoth is the sixth planet of the Hoth system (a remote system where the Rebels tried to hide and plan). Really makes us wonder what the other planets in the Hoth system are called. Maybe they’re all called Hoth, and it was just confusion based on poor nomenclature that landed the Rebels on the really cold and snowy one. Anyway, that doesn’t diminish this awesome reminder of how the mighty can fall. It’s a Star Wars Lawn Ornament which looks just like the one AT-AT that fell during the Battle of Hoth.

Made out of durable resin, the Star Wars Lawn Ornament – AT-AT Walker looks perfect on your lawn. It will proclaim your love of Star Wars to all who pass. It will warn away the puny Gnome Rebel forces, for though this AT-AT was able to be tripped, it was the ONLY one. The Rebels were forced off the planet and the battle was an Imperial victory! Also, imagine how awesome the Star Wars Lawn Ornament – AT-AT Walker will look as soon as it snows. The perfect backdrop for your stop motion Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back fan film.

Product Specifications:
- Add a reminder to your lawn of the one AT-AT that was tripped at the Battle of Hoth
- Officially-licensed Star Wars lawn ornamentation
- Materials: Resin
- Dimensions: approx. 14.8″ x 2.2″ x 3.3″
- Shipping restrictions: We cannot ship this item outside of the U.S. and Canada

Avaialble now HERE.

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