Kidrobot x Diamond Supply Co. Exclusive Retailer Releases!

December 12, 2014

The first phase of the collaborative release just dropped exclusively through all Diamond Supply stores and their website, with the 8” ($50) and 3” ($12) Tiffany edition Lil’ Cutty.

The next release will take place on Tuesday, December 16th, which will be a Pacsun exclusive Tiffany/Red colorway of Lil’ Cutty. This release will be available at all Pacsun stores and their website for $12 each.

On Thursday, December 18th will be the Kidrobot release of Lil’ Cutty. This Blue/Red colorway will be available at KR SF, KR LV, and select retailers for $12 a piece.

The final Silver edition will be a BAIT exclusive, which will be available at all BAIT stores and online on Friday, December 19th. Each figure will retail $12 each.

This is a perfect crossover piece for Diamond Supply Co. fans, sneakerheads, toy folk, and streetwear enthusiasts!

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