‘Sideshow’ SQUIRE by Jermaine Rogers

November 15, 2014

Shown here is a “life sized” ‘Sideshow’ SQUIRE (prototype – sized 2 feet tall x nearly 2 feet long) from Jermaine Rogers, featuring lifelike glass eyes, and custom handsewn outfit by artist Natalie Irish.

“… this original prototype is currently on display at my ‘Crimes Against Tress’ show at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago… The regular edition figures will be offered soon… Each piece in the regular edition will have it’s own individual custom outfit, unlike any other…” – Jermaine.

“Crimes Against Tress – Works on Paper, Wood & Other Materials by Jermaine Rogers” launched November 7th and exhibits thru Nov 30th @ Rotofugi. View online exhibits HERE, and FYI – Squire is available for purchase at US$2,500.

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