Poppy – 3D Creator & Viewer For iPhone

November 20, 2014

iPhone 3D!

In the olden days, before phones fit in your pocket (heck, even before phones) a technology swept the world. It was called various things, but it ended up with an image that was flat like a painting, but was an actual representation of real life. Yes, it was a photograph. But some folks weren’t happy with a flat image and created 3D photographs commonly called stereoscopic photographs. These were two photographs (as if taken by a left and right eyeball) and combined with optics. And now, the past has met the future in the Poppy – 3D Creator & Viewer For iPhone.

Download a free app and pop your iPhone into the Poppy – 3D Creator & Viewer For iPhone. Flip out the capturing optics and you’ll be able to take 3D images and shoot 3D video (using the same technology as the old stereoscopes). Once you’re done, flip the capture optics back in and just look through the viewing optics to see your 3D images and video come to life (again, just like the old stereoscopes). And you can share the images taken with your Poppy – 3D Creator & Viewer For iPhone, by simply adding #poppy3d when you post to Twitter and Flicker. Then, you can search for those hashtags and find other people’s 3D images. All thanks to Poppy!

Product Specifications:
- Poppy uses two sets of optics to let you record/take and view 3D video and images
- Filming optics roll out to film, and back in for one seamless device while viewing
- Features:
iOS Compatible – Poppy works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and the 5th gen iPod Touch w/ rear camera (device not included, of course)
No Batteries – Poppy is just mirrors and optics, so no batteries to charge or replace. Ever.
3D Camera – Record and share 3D video and still photographs using just your iPhone
Stereoscope – View life-like 3D images and video, effortlessly
Twitter & Flickr – Browse thousands of Poppy 3D photos from Flickr and Twitter shared using #poppy3d
YouTube – View 1000s of 3D movie trailers, music videos, and more!
Free app required for recording videos/taking pictures and playback
Dimensions: 10.5 x 3 x 6.5 inches

Available now HERE.

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