Brandt Peters x FERG – Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizard – Western] Retail Edition

November 26, 2014

Playge is following up the previously released wintery Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizard-Northern] edition with the retail edition Goshtbat Western edition. The new triple-eyed mystic from Brandt Peters x FERG features a brown + red design with gray fur suit, 2 sets of lenses, 2.1 + classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword-cane and of course, a removable helmet. With his wild, trouble is knocking appearance, the Gohstbat [Yeti Wizard] is one of our favorite Terror Boys and Squadts for that matter. It’s available for pre-order now from Rotofugi, myplasticheart and other retailers for $104.95.

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