3D Arcade Mug

November 15, 2014


Achieve a high score

Sure, we can play our old favorites like Space Invaders on emulators. But there was just something about standing in a room filled with the buzz of neon and sticky floors, inserting a quarter, and playing on a real upright as onlookers gathered ’round. Important difference: joystick instead of a keyboard. That was a time when quarters bought happiness (and frustration). Continue…?

FATKIDSĀ® celebrates old-school arcade culture with this mug. The exterior features a game of Space Invaders and the handle looks like an old-school joystick. And the inside features – whatever you’re drinking, which we hope is sweet, sweet coffee. Coffee helps us achieve a high score, with the obvious exception of decaf.

Product Specifications :
- Arcade mug with a joystick for a handle
- Officially-licensed Space Invaders merchandise
- Capacity: 16 oz.
- Materials: Ceramic
- Dimensions: 4 1/2″ tall x 6″ wide at handle
- Not microwave safe
- Not dishwasher safe

Available now HERE.



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