Star Wars Auto Coaster Set

October 20, 2014

Keep your TIE Fighter clean.

Did you know that cup holders aren’t a standard feature on TIE Fighters? It’s true: you have to pay extra. So, you better believe that if the Empire is footing the bill for cup holders (which they did, after a bunch of protests), they make sure all pilots use these Star Wars Auto Coaster Sets to keep those cup holders clean!

There are three different flavors of Star Wars Auto Coaster Sets: Vader, Boba Fett, or Stormtrooper. Each set comes with two coasters (same style) and each coaster can fit one of two different cup holder sizes. Pop them in your cup holders and not only will you protect your car (or TIE Fighter or Slave I or whatever), but you’ll add a healthy heaping of Star Wars goodness. Star Wars Auto Coaster Sets – bringing a galaxy far, far away to right under your drink!

Product Specifications :
- Personalize your car’s cup holders with a little bit of Star Wars
- Each set comes with two auto coasters
- Coasters are trim-to-fit (2 sizes) PVC vinyl
- Choose from Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or a Stormtrooper
- Officially-licensed Star Wars car accessory
- Vibrant colors that are molded in to prevent fading, cracking, and peeling
- Easy to clean with soap and water
- Dimensions: Fits cup holders approx. 3.25″ diameter or 2.6″ diameter

Avaialble now HERE.

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