Level-Up Pipe Mario Mug

October 31, 2014


Secret room of beverages!

So there we were, walking along a brick road when suddenly we had to jump over a bunch of giant green pipes sticking out of a ground. They were so big, actually, that we had to jump on top of a pipe first and then leap off back to the ground. We did this three times in a row and then, to our surprise, realized the fourth pipe had a false bottom. We squatted funny, and then sunk down into the pipe… and into a magical secret room full of coffee!! We powered up and then made replicas of these pipes into mugs, so you could share in the coffee delight. Presenting the Level Up Pipe Mug!

Each Level Up Pipe Mug holds 15 oz. of your favorite beverage, be it hot or cold. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, because that just makes your life easier. Your Level Up Pipe Mug will show all those who approach your desk or kitchen that you have a mind that is always looking for new ways to accomplish tasks. You will get ahead in your career and life – all because of your Level Up Pipe Mug. Level up!

Product Specifications :
- Looks like an 8-Bit pipe coming out of a brick-like ground
- Drink your favorite beverages out of it because it looks cool
- Materials: Ceramic
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Capacity: 15 oz.
- Dimensions: approx. 5″ (including handle) x 3.6″ (pipe diameter) x 4.25″ (tall)
- Imported.

Avaialble now HERE.

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