Joe Ledbetter – Fire-Catzilla

September 30, 2014

Rrrrraaarrrr… Or is that ギャオォー ? Joe Ledbetter is about to unleash Fire-Catzilla, the 2nd edition of his independently produced new Firecat art toy. The new edition transforms the beast from a 2009 painting into a fierce vinyl figure complete with redesigned flame featuring a sound Japanese children use to imitate Godzilla and newly sculpted fins and tail. Similar to Godzilla, Fire-Catzillailla goes toe-to-toe with the forces of mayhem and in particular the orange terror that is Ringo Bear. Having seen all of the Firecat editions in person, Fire-Catzilla is our favorite.

Limited to 300 pieces, Fire-CatZilla is available now exclusively from for $110 (+ s/h). Unlike many new releases which are offered as pre-releases, the wait between ordering and delivery for Fire-Catzilla will be short. The figures are in stock and ready to ship out quickly.

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