Hublot Big Bang Unico All Black Boutique Exclusives

September 28, 2014

Believe it or not these are Hublot’s first set of “boutique exclusive” watches. With 71 boutiques now worldwide, it’s about time, you could say. While Hublot’s King Power case/designs are generally a bit too big for my tastes, I’ve long been of the fan of the Big Bang (save for that one time long ago that I asked Jean-Claude Biver “what’s next”), and in particular I really like the design that Hublot is using for its Big Bang “Unico” chrono pieces. Unico of course is Hublot’s first fully in-house caliber family which debuted a few years ago. These particular pieces build off of the Big Bang Unico “All Black” (unveiled earlier this year), now with some color fusion on the dial, stenciled numbers, hands, and strap stitching. Exclusive traditionalists and more classical watch enthusiasts may not find these bold and brightly colored pieces to your liking… but I surmise these will be a hit with the Hublotistas.

Limited edition 100 pieces in each of red/blue/green/orange.

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