GOTHAM ‘Royal Flush Print Set’ from Noval Hernawan for STGCC 2014

September 3, 2014

This year, in conjunction with Batman’s 75 Anniversary and the upcoming GOTHAM television series, illustrator Noval Hernawan has done a 6 page limited edition ‘GOTHAM’ Royal Flush Print Set.This set was designed, pencilled and inked by Noval himself, and colored in with an ‘art nouveau’ style by his fellow Indonesian artist Arieswendha. Check out the work-in-progress (and might not be the final color) pieces below.

And while both size and price(s) are yet to be determined, the prints will be available via the GnB booth at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014).

“The prints set consist of 6 pairs of heroes/villains from the Batman universe in a Royal Flush cards format. Each cards have one letter that will be read as G O T H A M once you spread it.

It’s a Yin/Yang Good vs Evil pairs where you can either display the heroes on top or upside down for the bat villains fans. Oh but I want to see all of the characters without flipping my cards or my collection folder! Easy. Get two sets of them. And there you have the twelve characters for your eyes to feast.” – teases Noval Hernawan.

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